2008 Conference Program

Proceedings from Community Wind Energy 2008 are now available!

The proceedings are available as a CD-ROM. The disc contains more than 28 hours of recordings of all the conference sessions*, including question and answer sessions, and PDF copies of presenters' slides.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

7:00-8:00 am Early Bird Session: Wind Energy Basics

Overview of Distributed Wind (small and community), Trudy Forsyth, NREL

Federal Tax Basics for Community Wind Projets, Ed Ing, Attorney at Law

7:30 – 8:30 am Registration Open, Continental Breakfast available

8:30 – 9:15 am Welcome Session: Opening Remarks

  • Lisa Daniels, Executive Director, Windustry
  • Larry Flowers,Team Leader, NWTC
  • Peggy Beltrone, Cascade County Commisioner, '25 * '25 Steering Committee
  • James Walker, COO EnXco, Inc. and President-Elect of AWEA


9:15-10:40 am Plenary Session: Assessing our Electricity Choices
Moderator and Speaker: Scott Sklar, The Stella Group

  • Environmental Impacts of our Electricity Choices, Mark Watson, Program Manager, Environmental Research, New York State Energy and Research Development Authority
  • The True Costs of Mining Coal, Dave Cooper, Lecturer, Mountain Top Removal Road Show
  • Wind Energy, Environmental Quality, and Public Participation, Dereth Glance, Executive Program Director, Citizens Campaign For the Environment

10:40-11:00 Morning Break Among Exhibits

11:00-12:30 pm Breakout Session I
Community Wind: Local Economic Benefits: Economic Development from Community Wind
Moderator/Speaker: David Benson, Nobles County Commissioner

  • Landowner Views:Living with Wind Turbines, Donna Griffin, Fenner Renewable Energy Education
  • Impacts of Wind Farms on Tourism, Jim Walter, Madison County Tourism
  • Results from a Property Value Investigation Surrounding Wind Turbines in Madison County, NY and Beyond, Ben Hoen, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Community Wind Public Policy: What Works and What’s Needed
Moderator:/Speaker: Peggy Beltrone

  • Community Wind Policies from the Midwest Heartland, Minnesota Senator Ellen Anderson
  • New York's Investment in Wind: Policies that Work, Carol Murphy, ACE NY
  • The Potential for Feed-In Tariffs in the US, Wilson Rickerson, RE Strategies Inc

Residential and Small Wind: Consumer Primer

  • Ernie Prichard, Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc
  • Roy Butler, Four Winds Renewable Energy

12:30 – 2:00 pm Lunch

2:00 – 3:30 pm Breakout Session II
Community Wind: Thinking Outside the Box: Clean Energy Funds and Access to Turbines
Moderator:Kevin Schulte, Sustainable Energy Developments,Inc. & Lisa Daniels, Executive Director, Windustry

  • How State Clean Energy Funds Have Supported Community Wind (and what they might do differently in the future) Roger Clark, The Reinvestment Fund, Sustainable Development Fund
  • The Community Power Fund, Meghan MacLennan, Community Power Fund


  • Leif Andersen, Suzlon
  • Brett Pingree, Distributed Energy Systems
  • Theo DeWolff, Robcar Investments LLC
  • Andrew R. Lockhart, DeWind, Inc.

Community Wind: Case Studies and New Opportunities
Moderator: Nathan Rudgers, Farm Credit of Western New York

  • Potential for Community Wind Projects in Pennsylvania, Tom Tuffey, PennFuture
  • Hull Wind- A Massachusettes Community Gets Green, Andrew Stern, Hull Wind
  • Economics of a Community-Owned Wind Farm: The School of Hard Knox, Loren Pukowski, Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc

Residential and Small Wind: Small and Midsized Applications
Moderator: Bill Holmes, Stoel Rives LLP

  • Distributed Wind for Public Projects, Charles Newcomb, Entegrity Wind
  • Observations, Opportunities and Obstacles for Onsite Wind, Bob Bechtold, Harbec Plastics
  • Medford School Project, Dave Strong, SED, Inc.

3:30 – 4:00 pm Afternoon Break Among Exhibits

4:00 – 5:30 pm Breakout Session III
Community Wind: Financing Community Wind: Equity and Developers Panel
Moderator: Ben Koenigsberg, Chadbourn Parke

  • Lorenzo Landini, Fortis Capital
  • Matt Ferguson, Reznick Group
  • Jacob Susman, OwnEnergy
  • Jim Duffy, Nixon Peabody
  • Cameron Brooks, Renewable Choice Energy

Community Wind: Distributed Generation: New Markets, New Tools
Moderator: Mark Dougherty, LIPA

  • Tom Wind, Wind Utility Consulting
  • Renewable Energy and Demand Response-Smart Solutions for Brililant Communities, Audrey Zibleman, Viridity, LLC
  • Introducing the DeWind D8.2 2000kW Wind Turbine, Andrew R. Lockhart, DeWind, Inc.
  • Electric Vehicle Fleets as Backup for Wind Power, Jacqueline Peiro, University of Deleware

Residential and Small Wind: Small Wind Turbine Manufacturers Panel
Moderator: Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland, Windustry
Panel Members:

  • Andy Kruse, Southwest Windpower
  • Steve Wilke, Bergey Windpower
  • Robert Preuse, Abundant Renewable Energy
  • Brett Pingree, Distributed Energy Systems
  • Charles Newcomb, Entegrity Wind
  • David Laino, Endurance Windpower


5:30 – 7:30 pm Networking Reception

  • New York Governor David Paterson (confirmed)
  • Carol Murphy, Alliance for Clean Energy New York

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

7:30-8:30 am Registration and Continental breakfast

8:30-10:00 am Breakout Session I
Community wind: Wind Development Overview
Moderator: Terry Nicol, RES

  • Overview of Wind Development Process, Wes Slaymaker, EcoEnergy
  • Wind Resource Assesments, Jim Adams, AWS TrueWind
  • Primer on Cheif Federal Tax Incentives for Wind Development, Ed Ing, Attorney at Law
  • Choosing an Appropriate Partnership Flip Structure For Your Project: Implications of IRS Safe Harbor Guidelines, Mark Bolinger, Lawrence Berkley Lab


Community Wind: Mid-sized Market
Moderator: Theo DeWolff, Robcar Investments, LLC

  • Heron Wind Manufacturing, Steve Smiley, Heron Wind Manufacturing
  • Northwind 100: Making Community Wind Happen, Brett Pingree, Distributed Energy Systems
  • Financing Wind Projects, John Ravis, TD Bank Project Finance

Residential and Smal Wind: Policy Panel in the Northeast
Moderator: Ellen Lutz, Board Member Clean Energy States Alliance

  • Small Wind in New York, Jennifer Harvey, NYSERDA
  • Vermont Small Wind Policy, David Hill, VEIC
  • Small Wind Opportuniteis in Pennsylvania, Kerry Campbell, PA Dept.of Environmental Protection

10:00-10:30 Morning Break Among Exhibits

10:30-12:00 Breakout Session II
Community Wind: Business Models: Community Wind Developers Panel
Moderator: David Kolsrud, DAK Renewable Energy
Panel Members:

  • Dan Juhl, DanMar & Associates
  • Kevin Schulte, SED, Inc.
  • Mark Willers, MinWind Energy, LLC
  • Ryan Wolf, Wolf Wind

Community Wind: Comprehensive Planning, Permitting, Siting and Zoning
Moderator/Speaker:Local Planning and Zoning for Wind, Katherine Daniels, NY Planning Federation

  • Overview of the Environmental, Engineering and Construction Aspects of Wind Project Development, Anntonette Alberti, Tetra Tech EC
  • Sound Permitting for Small Scale Wind Projects, Howard Quin, Tech Environmental
  • Major Permitting and Environmental Review Requirments for Community Wind Projects, Rich Cogen, Nixon Peabody

Residential and Small Wind: Federal Policies for Small Wind
Moderator: Vicki Colello, NYSERDA

  • Wind Policy and Section 9006 in the 2008 Farm Bill, Scott Collins, NY USDA Rural Development
  • Federal Small Wind Policy, David Blittersdorff, Earth Turbines
  • Andy Kruse, Southwest Windpower
  • Certifying Small Wind Turbines, Larry Sherwood, IREC

12:00-1:40 Lunch

  • Speaker: Paul Tonko, NYSERDA

1:45-3:15 pm Breakout Session III
Community wind: Selling your Power & REC's and Project Cash Flow

Moderator: Valerie Strauss, ACE NY

  • John Saintcross, New York State Energy and Research Development Authority
  • Mitigating Risk in Projecting Wind Farm Performance, Larry Sinesio, Windlogics
  • Building your Proforma, Tom Wind, Wind Utility Consulting

Community wind: Various Shapes of Community Wind:Public, Provate, Wholesale and Retail
Moderator: David Barclay, NESEA

  • Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, District 144 (Buffalo, NY)
  • Community Wind in Rural Albany County:Wind Resource and Environmental Studies, Kathleen Moore, Integrated Environmental Data, LLC
  • Northern Plains Intertribal Wind Project, Pat Spears, ICOUP
  • Retail Offset School Projects, Dave Strong, SED, Inc.

Home and Farm Wind: Permitting, Zoning and Siting Issues
Moderator: Jeremy Wittrock, Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

  • Jonathan Miles, US Department of Energy
  • Zoning, Permitting, Siting in North Carolina, Joe Smith, Appalachian State University
  • Best Practices for Siting and Zoning Small Wind, Megan Amsler, Cape and Island Self Reliance

3:15-3:30 Afternoon Break Among Exhibits

3:30-5:30 Wrap Up-Session
Community wind Wind Industry Forum: Turbine Supply, Warranty, Operations and Maintenance
Moderator: Larry Flowers, NREL

  • Tom Feiler, Clipper Windpower
  • Leif Anderson, Suzlon
  • Tyler Fairbank, EOS Ventures
  • Charles Newcomb, Entegrity Wind, Inc.


Wednesday April 16, 2008

Day trip to Jiminy Peak in Hancock, MA to see a community-owned wind project operating at a commercial ski resort.

*Due to contractual obligations, Ann Bancroft's lunch session is not included in the recordings.