Electricity Landscape

Wind and Solar Integration Study for the West from NREL

Near the end of September 2013, the National Renewable Energy Lab published a Western Wind and Solar Integration Study which showed conclusively that wind and solar energy reduces net pollution emissions on a virtually 1 for 1 basis. Anti-clean energy forces have spread the lie for years that because wind and solar are intermittent sources, just as much fossil fuel energy is still needed, thus resulting in no lowering of harmful emissions.

Energy Information Administration 2013 Report with Projections to 2040

The EIA's 2013 Annual Energy Outlook with Projections to 2040 is available here. The projections are not favorable for the environment and the fight against global warming. We must do better. The EIA projects that coal will continue to be the top source of electricity even in 2040, and that it will produce more electricity at that time than it did in 2011. Here's a graph from the report.

2011 Harvard Study Found Full Cost of Coal Very High

Published in 2011, this study estimates, in a conservative manner, the full life-cycle cost of the US's reliance on coal for electricity. Its main finding is that the true cost of coal for electricity is between 9 and 27 cents per kWh (best estimate: 18 cents/kWh), considerably more than competently developed wind power. Taxpayers are paying this price, although it doesn't show up on our electric bills.

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