Wind Basics

Not sure which way the wind blows? 

Whether you are interested in learning the basics of wind or you would like to put up a turbine, this is a great place to start!

Start your introduction to wind with this Wind Basics series providing key information such as why wind is a good source of energy, what to know about your land prior to developing, and what different business structures exist for wind energy projects.


What is wind energy? Why is it important? How has it changed over the years? We've got all those answers right here.

Why wind energy?

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, such as its impact on the environment, economy, and society.

Project Overview

Learn the basic steps to starting your own small-scale community wind project.

Your Wind Project

If you're looking for a lease, running a community or home wind project, or just don't know where to start, this page will help you get your tasks on track.

Wind Resources

Learn about wind speed, wind distribution, wind direction, and more.

Land Considerations

You can't put a turbine just anywhere. Learn about the ideal space for a wind turbine.

Business Structures

There's more than one way to run a community wind project.


Read about the economic risks, costs, and benefits of investing in wind energy.


Information to help you make big decisions about ownership and incentives as you start your wind project.


Ever wonder what CREB stands for? Use our glossary as a quick reference for wind energy terminology.

Frequently Asked Questions

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